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How to screenshot Empty How to screenshot

Post  Funnycrater on Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:51 am

How to screen shot:

Very Important : You must have Paint for it to work.Keep the following open TinyPic
/Imageshack , Paint And the Thing you would like to Screen Shot

Step1: Choose what you would like to screen shot then press the "PrtScnSysRq" button.Here is a picture of where it is How to screenshot 33vkrps

Step2: Now open up Paint and Go to "Edit" then click on "Paste".

Step3: Click "SAVE AS" and choose a Name for what you Chose to screenshot.

Step4: Go to Tinypic/Imageshack and go to "Browse" and Upload Your Picture.

Step5: Make Your Picture Full Size and "Copy" the link and paste it where u want it.

If There are any other steps I missed out on please pm me so I may correct them Thanks Wink
NOTE: credits to me and pointt (from risingirc) for this guide.He's the main person to make this I just took it and posted it here ^^ and made some changes Razz

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How to screenshot Empty Re: How to screenshot

Post  admin on Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:58 am

Great work Moderator FunnyCrater. Very Happy
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