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Post  admin on Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:20 pm

Are you tired of posting and posting and posting to get points? Well today's your day you can now buy points!!

Q: What's the point of points?

a: Points is where you can save up to buy a moderator position or a supervisor.

Q: How long is it gonna take to get points?

a: You can now purchase points! 1,500 - If premium
1,000 - If Non-Premium only just for $1.50 that's all it cost you!

Q: Where could I find out to see how many points it takes to purchase a rank with my points.

a: If you see below all the points shows on how much it takes to reach that goal.

Q: Am I allwoed to save up all points to get 1 rank?

a: Yes you can save it for example.

EX: 20,000 + 30,000 = 50,000 which gets you up to Senior Moderator (Works for both Premium and Non-Premium)

$1.50 to buy 1,500 Points!!

Only for Premium

70,000 Points - TO buy Supervisor

80,000 points to buy Freshmen Moderator

90,000 points to buy Sophomore Moderator

100,000 points to buy Junior Moderator

110000 points to buy Senior Moderator

112,000 Points to Official Moderator

For No-Premium

1,000 Points

110,000 points to buy Supervisor

120,000 Points to buy Freshmen Moderator

130,000 Points to buy Sophomore Moderator

140,000 Points tobuy Junior Moderator

140,000 Points to buy Senior Moderator

150,000 Points to buy Official Moderator

2,500 Points for Elites

1,500 Points for Premium

1,000 Points for Free Members

Earning: You can pay $1.50 for Points / refer people which is 150 Points each referral you get.

Rules : No fake accounts / multiple. Has to be a real account and I'll check to make sure it's a legit referral.

Note: Premium - Paid 1,500 Each Week
Elite - Paid 2,500 Each Week
Normal Members - 1,000 Each Week

Must be active you can't be on once a week or else you don't get your points for the week. If you miss at least 1 day or so that's fine. But you have to be active all week but you get 2 days of freedom and if you miss 3 days or more then you won't receive points.
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